Coach Cam!

Posted by Haney Neptunes Aquatics Club on Feb 23 2023 at 09:49AM PST

My name is Cam Wilson. I am excited to be the new Haney Neptunes Head Coach for the upcoming summer season. About myself, I am a long-time competitive swimmer with experience up to the Canada West University Championship level, having trained and competed with several national team members. I am also a long-time coach with experience at all age groups from 10& under learning to swim, to past national level swimmers returning to the sport as a master’s athlete. As well as experience in swimming I am a graduate from the University of Lethbridge, leaving with a BSc. in Kinesiology with great distinction.

With my time in and around a pool, and my enthusiasm for learning and teaching about swimming I have gained many skills. Specifically, through multiple coaches I have gained a large understanding of the technical aspects of swimming as well as an appreciation for how different athletes may learn the same knowledge in different ways. In addition to coaching, my education in kinesiology has helped me develop a deeper understanding of how and why various technical aspects of swimming exist and how they help a swimmer improve. Combining this experience with time in a clinical setting, I have gained experience with injury prevention and treatment strategies to ensure athletes have a fun and set-back free experience. While coaching various age groups I have also learned age and skill appropriate coaching methods and explanation strategies to best help swimmers at any stage of their athletic career. Working with the board members of clubs I have experienced various methods of club wide planning and communication, helping develop an ability for effective and efficient communication with parents, swimmers, and the community.

I can’t wait to meet everyone soon!

~ Coach Cam Wilson


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