Announcement from the President of BCSSA< Danny Schilds

Posted by Haney Neptunes Aquatics Club on Mar 22 2020 at 12:50PM PDT in Summer swimming 2019

To all BCSSA swimmers, parents, coaches, officials, and board members:
“It’s a Fluid Situation” “This action is unprecedented.”

“We are in a marathon.” “Social Distancing.”

So many new phrases in our language that we just haven’t used to this extent before. And we have only been using them for just over a week.

As an organization and as individuals, we have to realize that the Covid-19 drama we are all part of, is new to everyone, the situation is fluid, and it is evolving daily.

Just over a week ago the BCSSA Board made the decision to cancel the Coaching Conference. At that time, Tuesday, March 10th, groups of up to 150 were deemed ok by the health officials. Two days later, groups of less than 50 were recommended, then less than 20, and now, try not to be in any group at all. On the 10th there was no hint that borders would be closed, flights canceled, every major sport canceled and a litany of swimming meets, including the Canadian Olympic Trials, postponed.

My point is, we do not know what tomorrow will bring, what recommendations will come forward from Dr. Henry, when swimming pools will be opened or for that matter when the border will be opened.

The current situation leaves us with some big questions.

Will the season open on May 1st?
Will we have a regular season?
Will there be a Provincial Championships this year?
What about our coaching staff if we are limited to small groups or no groups at all?

The short answer is, NO ONE knows. The situation is changing so rapidly that only a fool would make predictions. By the end of April, we know that we will be in a completely different situation than what we are in now, we just don’t know what that situation will look like.

The BCSSA Board is in communication with each other.

We are watching and waiting. And the waiting is the hard part. Waiting will be our hardest task but with reference to the season and our sport, it is what we have to do.

In the meantime, there are some things we can do:

Take care of yourself and your families, including your swim family.
We recommend that all clubs postpone their paid registrations until we are closer to May 1st.
A Board Member is talking to Active about their refund policy yet these talks are difficult with so many businesses now closed or on a work from home regimen but in the meantime, postpone any paid registrations.
Stay in communication with your City Recreation Dept but remember, they can’t predict what is going to happen.
Plan for the season but be aware, the season could be shortened or modified.
The BCSSA Board of Directors will communicate any information we learn and will be giving decisions or recommendations in late April about the upcoming season.

Our swimming world is not alone in the trials we are facing. Our whole country, our whole world, is facing the same difficulties.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and your family.

Danny Shilds,

President, BC Summer Swimming Association

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